People for Bernie releases mock ad for a Bernie Sanders-inspired perfume

Cult of personality is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot today but it is most certainly a thing.

It’s mostly used in reference to politicians and political campaigns. It’s this idea that people get so wrapped up and consumed in political campaigns that they become somewhat obsessed with those personalities. The followers of those people are so willing to disregard anything and everything that may challenge their love and devotion for a particular individual.

For instance, whether Republicans and Trump supporters want to admit it, there is a strong, strong cult of personality surrounding President Trump. Many will defend anything and everything he says or does, because, MAGA or I guess , it’s KAGA this time around.

Likewise, there was a cult of personality around President Obama. His diehard supporters believed he could do no wrong, either.

However, while in 2020 President Trump still has the lead on the biggest cult-like following, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders isn’t too far behind in that department.

Apparently to show how obsessed they are with their King of Free Stuff, People for Bernie, an organization working to elect the Vermont senator president, released a mock ad of a Bernie Sanders-inspired perfume.

It’s easily one of the weirdest things you’ll see this week.

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