CNN’s Don Lemon, guests mock, degrade Trump supporters

Conservatives are used to getting mocked in the media. That’s really nothing new.

Whether it’s Saturday Night Live, someone on The View, CNN’s reporters or one of the far left commentators on MSNBC, conservatives get it on a regular basis.

And to be honest, sometimes conservatives deserve it. Everyone says and does stupid things and a good mocking every now and then isn’t necessarily a bid thing. It can serve to highlight the weakness in either the policy, the delivery of the message or both.

However, CNN’s Don Lemon and his two guests took the whole mocking thing to a whole other level. At one point, they were literally using southern accents and questioning Trump supporters ability to read and write.

And CNN wonders why their ratings are in the tank when they are literally questioning the intelligence level of a good chunk of the population.

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