Things get tense between Katie Pavlich, Chris Wallace: ‘Get your facts straight’

President Trump’s Impeachment trial in the the Senate continues. Trump’s legal team began their defense of the president Saturday and continued it on Monday.

However, regardless of whatever Trump’s team says, most people are more concerned with whether the Senate will vote to call more witnesses. Of course, following information that a book written by Trump’s former national security advisor, John Bolton, says the president called for the aid to Ukraine to be held until they began an investigation into Joe/Hunter Biden.

This directly contradicts what Republicans and President Trump have been saying for, well, since this whole thing got started.

So, knowing all of this, two big questions remain: will the Senate vote for further witnesses and what four Republicans could vote that way?

Townhall writer and conservative commentator Katie Pavlich and Fox News’ Chris Wallace debated this very issue Monday. Things got, a little heated, to say the least.

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