Feminists outraged that Nancy Drew was killed off on her 90th birthday so the Hardy Boys could investigate

Nancy Drew turned 90 this week and the comic that came out to celebrate her birth actually killed her off so the Hardy Boys could investigate her death.

And feminists are LOSING it, with one writer saying “it’s disappointing to see what appears to be another cherished character getting fridged in service of a man’s (or in this, case, two teen boys’) story, but here’s hoping Nancy has more control over her destiny that it appears at first blush.”

(Fridging referrs to “the practice of killing off or hurting a minor character in order to motivate or torture a main character.” There’s a WHOLE site devoted to female characters who have been killed off in an unhealthy manner. The creator of the site lists all the characters who have been “depowered, raped, or cut up and stuck in the refrigerator.”)

The outrage continued to twitter, where one user said, “This is absolutely horrid and has misogynistic undertones. I don’t know who thought this plot was a good idea, but I hope you never write anither book ever again.”

“Fridging Nancy Drew and calling it a celebration. Ok.”, another wrote.

“You killed the girl on her anniversary so that boys could investigate? What in the entire fuck?”, said another outraged Twitter user.

There’s been so much outrage, that Nancy Drew has been trending on the social media site all day.

Many don’t really think she’s dead, but still take issue with the way the story was handled.


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