Chris Cuomo: Why do ‘Trumpers’ think it’s ok to go after a kid?

Getting your own show on CNN apparently only really takes three things: a strong dislike of President Trump and his supporters, hold views just a tad to the right of those on MSNBC and the inability to detect irony.

On Thursday, Chris Cuomo displayed all three of those qualifications in one single tweet.

Of course, the kid about whom Cuomo is referring to is Greta Thunberg. The article which he tweeted out was about Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin dismissing Thunberg, saying that instead of lecturing the world about using less fossil fuels, she could perhaps go to college and study economics first.

This makes perfect sense, right? Honestly, what qualifications does Thunberg have to be speaking at the United Nations and Davos? I mean, of course, other than the love and adoration of the liberal media?

She’s a teenager. But if you point this out, prepare for all hell to rain down on you.

“You can’t criticize her. You can’t disagree with her, she’s just a child. How dare you?”

Cuomo seems to forget that she’s the one who is putting herself out there as some kind of an expert on the situation. She’s the one offering up an opinion and so he believes we don’t have right to disagree simply because she’s a “kid.”

Also, let’s not forget, Cuomo works for an organization, CNN, that just settled with a teenager after the repeatedly labeled him a racist.

So, who is it that believes, it’s ok to go after a kid?

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