Liberal, failed congressional candidate Pam Keith attacks Kellyanne Conway’s looks

Liberals say you should never ever put down a woman based on her looks or her weight. We should be all loving and all accepting. If you even have a thought about someone’s weight, it’s considered fat shaming and the liberal trolls will see to it that you never work again.

I mean, isn’t that the kind of crap that the liberal media and especially liberal women tell us over and over?

Yes, again, that standard doesn’t seem to apply to themselves. It appears, once again, that if you have even slightly conservative views, your looks and weight are completely and entire fair game.

A former Democratic candidate for Congress, Pam Keith, who is, as a general rule, is just plain nasty online, posted a photo of herself next to Kellyanne Conway with the caption “Can you believe KellyAnne is 53 today? I turned 51 in Nov. And I’m not even wearing a drop of makeup.”

Of course, liberal, support-all-women liberals piled on.

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