Monica Lewinsky reacts to President Trump adding Ken Starr to impeachment defense team

A familiar name and face has been added to President Trump’s impeachment defense team and it’s none other than Ken Starr who led the Whitewater investigation during former President Bill Clinton’s time in the Oval Office.

Starr’s uncovered the affair with then intern Monica Lewinsky, which led to the eventual impeachment of President Clinton.

Lewinsky has said over the years that Starr treated her badly during the investigation and told Vanity Fair he was “somewhere between avuncular and creepy. He kept touching my arm and elbow, which made me uncomfortable.”

When the news broke that Starr would be joining Trump’s team, Lewinsky reacted to the news on Twitter by posting, ” this is definitely an “are you fucking kidding me?” kinda day.”

According to Fox News, former Florida attorney general Pam Bondi, former federal prosecutor Robert Ray, Jane Raskin and attorney Alan Dershowitz round out the team.

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