Sen. McSally to CNN reporter: ‘You’re a liberal hack, I’m not talking to you’

It appears that incessantly pushingTrump-Russian collusion, openly cheering that President Trump was a Russian asset and slandering a group high students as racists may not be earn you a lot of respect.

Of course, I’m talking about CNN. CNN, while they claim to play everything down the middle, is anything but fair and/or balanced. They know it, we know it but yet they take their audience for a bunch of idiots.

Well now, one elected official called out one of their reporter’s and by extension the network out for their obvious biases on a number of big stories the last couple of ways.

Arizona Sen. Martha McSally was asked a question by a CNN reporter and she refused to answer. Instead, of taking questions, she made a quick statement as she walked right on by the reporter.

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