AOC irks PETA by getting a purebred puppy instead of adopting

It would seem that AOC CAN do wrong to the leftists. Animal rights group PETA is not thrilled with the congresswoman’s choice in a canine companion. Deco, who is a purebred French Bulldog, did not come from an animal shelter, much to the disappointment of the organization.

PETA issued a press release about AOC’s furry friend, saying she “missed an opportunity to give a homeless dog a chance at life.” They also sent her a letter, urging her to consider a shelter pet next time.

The letter reads:

Dear Ms. Ocasio-Cortez,

We really couldn’t believe our eyes, because you are a role model for how to live, so we understand that you just didn’t realize what you were doing in this case—you couldn’t have. With the millions of homeless dogs out there, you apparently chose to buy a purebred puppy instead of adopting one from an animal shelter. Right this minute, on Petfinder alone, there are more than 110,000 dogs—including French bulldogs—who need homes. Animal shelters are bursting at the seams with hundreds of thousands more, many of whom will be “put to sleep” for lack of a home.

French bulldogs are inbred in order to produce “breed-specific traits,” which cause health problems that many people who will be influenced by your purchase won’t be able to afford to address. They are particularly at risk because their “cute” features plague them with a lifetime of breathing problems (you may have seen the media uproar this week after a disturbing photo of a pug’s MRI went viral), ear and eye infections, skin irritation, a weak stomach, and other issues—all “man-made.”

Please, please, visit any NYC Animal Care & Control shelter to see the rows and rows of animals desperately awaiting homes. On behalf of the more than 6 million lost, abandoned, or unwanted dogs and cats who enter shelters every year and the people who care for them, we’re asking that you please be a part of the solution to ending the cat- and dog-overpopulation crisis and consider setting the right example for your millions of followers by adopting a mutt and encouraging them to do the same. Not only will you be saving another dog’s life, the new dog will also provide your puppy with the companionship he desperately needs as your busy schedule takes you around the country. We’re also sending you a copy of the book Dogs Hate Crates, which explains why crate training is not humane or effective. (PETA’s website offers tips for positive training methods.)

With kind regards,

Ingrid Newkirk

PETA President


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