ABC’s chief political analyst has awful take on Bernie, Warren fight

According to reporting from CNN, Bernie Sanders supposedly told Elizabeth Warren that a woman’s can’t be win the presidency.

Of course, Bernie Sanders and his campaign came out and denied that it ever happened. Tulsi Gabbard, following yesterday’s report, tweeted the Sanders actually encouraged her to run for president.

Give Warren a few more gray hairs, put Sanders in a pantsuit and have Warren come up with one or two more awful program ideas and they are basically the same person.

But let’s be real, this is a primary and Warren has already shown that she’s not above lying to get ahead (Cherokee ancestry). It’s not hard to imagine the team Warren fabricated this entire thing. Sanders says he supports women running for president, Warren isn’t so sure.

But thank God for Matthew Dowd, ABC’s chief political analyst. He has come up with a solution to the whole Sanders-Warren tiff. According to Dowd, if men really supported women running for president, they should just drop out of the race and let them have it.

I don’t know about you but that sounds a lot more sexist than anything Sanders may or may not have said. Dowd seems to be implying that women cannot win on their own merit, that the field must be cleared in order for them to win.

I wonder if Dowd will feel the same way if and when Nikki Haley runs for president? I’m guessing no.

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