Trainer Jillian Michaels questions celebrating Lizzo’s body, accused of fat shaming

In today’s world, right is left, left is right, up is down and wrong is right.

Oh yeah, and saying someone who is overnight might not be the picture of perfect health is “fatphobic.” Yes, the woke crowd has added “phobic” to yet another word in order to beat others into agreement with them.

This time the target of the woke crowd’s invective and score is fitness expert Gillian Michaels. Michaels was chatting with BuzzFeed when Lizzo came up.

Of course, as it always does anything the singer’s name comes up so does the topic of her weight. The host commented about how she loves the fact that with Lizzo we’re getting images that we don’t normally see in the media. AKA the woke host was praising the Lizzo for being over weight.

Michaels wasn’t having that. She rightly responded by asking are we going to think it’s beautiful when she ends up with diabetes?

As can be expected, people didn’t take too kindly to Michaels calling Lizzo what she is: obese.

Michaels responded to the uproar by posting a message on Twitter.

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