Michael Bloomberg seeking Katy Perry’s endorsement?

We often find ourselves asking why do celebrity endorsements for political campaigns matter? Who they campaign for probably doesn’t matter to most Americans, but what we should be paying attention to is where our culture is headed and how those with influence are trying to shift cultural and moral norms.

Young people pay attention and whether or not we’d like to admit it or not, our entertainers are their role models. There’s a saying that politics is downstream from culture and that’s so true – it’s VITAL that Conservatives realize and embrace that if we ever want to win the culture wars.

And that’s why people like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg covet that Hollywood endorsement.

Katy Perry, who was a champion for Clinton last time, seems poised to throw her support behind Bloomberg. Judge Judy has already endorsed him and says she’s going out on the campaign trail and has starred in a campaign for the former New York City Mayor.

Perry reportedly dinned with Bloomberg at a New York City restaurant and Page Six says the singer was asking nearby tables to vote for him.

A source tells us the pair were overheard discussing politics and “what Katy would love to see, change wise, in the country.”

The “Roar” singer seems to have already started campaigning. “She asked neighboring tables to vote for Bloomberg,” says the spy.

Perry was later photographed leaving the restaurant with her former CAA agent Michael Kives, who nows runs his own new media and financial services advisory firm K5 Global.

Fox News asked Bloomberg’s team about the meeting, but were told by a spokesperson that they don’t comment on private dinners.

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