Cringe: Elizabeth Warren tries to bust a move

Candidates running for office want to connect with their supporters. They want them to know they empathize with the average person, that they understand their feelings and issues. But more times than not, this usually manifests itself in cringeworthy scenes that the candidate and campaign would like to do over.

For example, Elizabeth Warren provided us with a case study in cringe. Warren is running for the Democratic nomination for president. On Tuesday evening, at the conclusion of rally with Julian Castro, Warren tried to bust several moves.

Spoiler alert: It didn’t go well. No, it went very, very bad.

Her and her campaign like to portray herself as this every woman figure, from her hard luck years in Oklahoma trying to scrape enough together to make ends meet. But what’s stunning is how she never mentions that she sent her children to private school (despite being against school choice) and taught at (and was handsomely rewarded for) the most prestigious university in the country, Harvard.

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