OK? Protesters walk around in silence wearing ‘remove Trump’ shirts

People who protest really need to get lives. I mean who has the time to go out, hold signs and chant about the marijuana laws in the state of Indiana on a Monday?

That scenario was just an example. I don’t care what issue you’re upset about – pot, illegal immigration, healthcare, abortion or any other topic – most of the time, it’s simply the case of people having way too much time on their hands.

Do those people really believe they are making a difference? Do they honestly believe people will take them seriously? I’m not sure about you but whenever I see people participating in such activities, I truly have to fight the urge to mock them mercilessly.

But this latest group of protesters really takes the level of stupidity to a whole other level.

Yes, it’s actually adults walking around in silence in a government building in Washington D.C. wearing shirts that say “Remove Trump.”

I wonder how many minds they changed with their activities.

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