Bloomberg on Texas church shooting: ‘We can’t just let the average American have guns in a crowded place’

Several in the Democratic Party aren’t the biggest fans of the Second Amendment.

Oh yeah, they’ll tell us they understand that the right to bear arms exists and that they respect this right and on and on and on. But every so often, one of them slip up and let us know how they really feel about particular topics.

Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City, recently provided his take on the Texas church shooting situation.

Last Sunday, someone, for some unknown reason, opened fire in a north Texas church, killing two people. However, before the suspect could inflict any more damage, he was gunned down by a man with a gun, a member of the church’s security team.

Now, of course, one would think this would be a perfect example supporting the ” good guy with a gun stopping a bad gun with a gun” argument, right?

Well, nanny state Michael Bloomberg isn’t so sure. In fact, in recent comments, the billionaire actually advocated for more gun control, saying that we can’t have just citizens walking around with guns that kill.

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