Bernie Sanders: If I can’t win on ideas then I need to get the hell out

We’re down to just a handful of weeks until voters in Iowa start caucusing for their preferred candidate in the Democratic primary. Soon after the Hawkeye state votes, New Hampshire voters will make their voices heard.

At this point, there are still plenty of candidates in the field but only a few with an actual, legitimate shot of capturing their party’s nomination.

Currently, one of those people who has a shot of being the Democratic nominee for president, is Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Now, Sanders’ wants to give you and I everything completely and “totally free.”

As you can imagine, promising to give people “free” things will make you people, especially when you’re competing for Democratic voters.

But during a recent campaign stop, Sanders said what all of us have been thinking and said that if he can’t win an election based on his ideas, then he should probably consider exiting the race.

Did you forget about 2016?

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