Michael Moore: ‘White people haven’t changed,’ should be afraid of white men

Democrats love bringing up the race, especially around election time. They constantly use race to scare, divide people and rally their base.

Does racism still exist, are there racists today? Yes, of course there are still ignorant people who judge solely on the color of their skin.

But Democrats, while they act as if they want any and all racism to evaporate (as we all should), the Dems can’t afford for racism to be nonexistent. If the media and Democrats were to stop talking about race or anything race-related, they wouldn’t have anything to talk, would have to look for other stories to fill their newscasts and have to actually come up with policy solutions.

Screaming “racism” or “racist” is a sure sign of an intellectually lazy person. It’s an attempt to immediately end any and all discussion because by branding someone a racist, it invalidates everything they say. That’s what people like Michael Moore traffic in and makes millions of dollars off of.

Moore, a white guy, says that white guys “haven’t changed” and you should be afraid of them.

Skip ahead to the 7:55 mark.

One thought on “Michael Moore: ‘White people haven’t changed,’ should be afraid of white men”

  1. Not all white people are racist, but a majority supported trump in 2016 and what has followed has been three years of racism. The people who supported him then support him now accept for independents. He won yesterday, he will lose tomorrow.

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