Hoosier College Republicans are trying to change GOP’s minds on climate change

When it comes to climate change, most of the GOP candidates running for office leave the issue off their platforms. Some outright deny the possibility that it exists even though public polling reflects that most Americans believe it affects them in some way.

In Indiana, the Hoosier College Republicans have started an effort to change minds in the GOP on the issue, joining a lobbying campaign called Young Conservatives for Carbon Dividends.

According to the Indianapolis Star, the group “promotes a specific plan that would put in place a gradually rising revenue-neutral fee on carbon emissions. The revenue from that fee would then be returned to Americans as a dividend.”

The movement was born out of concern that ” if conservatives don’t become involved in climate policy, they might end up with one they really don’t like — such as the Green New Deal” says Isaiah Mears, chairman of the Indiana Federation of College Republicans to the newspaper.

And they’ve already got one Indiana Senator on board – Mike Braun, who defeated Democrat Joe Donnelly last year, made a statement supporting the students.

“As someone who founded the ecology club in high school, it brings great joy to hear that young conservatives are addressing the issue of climate,” Braun told The Indianapolis Star. “As we shift through various proposals, I am confident we can find commonsense solutions pertaining to our changing climate that also support and build upon President Trump’s strong economy.”

A recent Pew poll shows that “more than half of adult Republicans under the age of 38 say the federal government should be doing more” on climate change and when it comes to Republican women, they feel the same.



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