Democrat running for Congress in Illinois believes he has solution to poverty; He really doesn’t

Democrats don’t want anyone to suffer. They want all of our needs met. They want “free” college, healthcare, housing, guaranteed employment and and to put an end to climate change. And they want to do all of this free of charge! Yes, while they are it, an ever increasing number of them would like to completely do away with capitalism.

Oh, did I also mention that most of them live in the world of make believe with Frosty the Snowman, the Tooth Fairy, Tony the Tiger and the Keebler Elves?

Yes, Democrats would love to usher in an utopian society where all wants and ills are totally and completely eradicated. Now, poverty is something Democrats have worked decades and decades to get rid of but one Democratic congressional candidate in Illinois believes he’s found the answer!

According to Anthony Clark, get rid of billionaires and poverty wouldn’t exist. Put another way, Clark would like to use the strong arm of the government to spread the wealth around.

Thank God for people like Clark for concocting such a foolproof plan! Forget that the “War on Poverty” was and is a monumental failure and that poverty still exists. Forget that poverty has been around since people have existed and before billionaires were a thing.

Yes, with such an astute observation, Clark has finally cracked the poverty code that has stymied bureaucrats, churches, charities and philanthropists for decades!

What’s scary is that, according to Clark’s Twitter bio, he’s a teacher where he’s affecting young minds where he’s likely passing along such ignorant and just plan wrong ideas.

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