AOC campaigning for Bernie: The U.S. ‘is not an advanced society,’ ‘it’s fascism’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders are two peas in a pod. AOC is just a younger, female version of the millionaire socialist from Vermont.

Both Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders love to play this class warfare game, where they pit people against one another simply for power.

They constantly tell people how bad they have it, how oppressed they are and how they are in their current predicament because of someone else. The only answer, according to the popular socialists, is to take from those who have raped and pillaged society by making money (oh, the horror!) and allow the government to even things out.

But what’s even more ridiculous than their message is that people have actually bought into this idea, into their message. Who wants to go through life believing everyone and everything is against them? That’s the pessimistic message both of them are selling.

The New York socialist recently made stop in Los Angeles as she was stumping for Bernie and gave a speech likely to be heard somewhere like Venezuela.

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