WOKE: Female version of ‘Fight Club’ in the works

Films coming out of Hollywood today are either sequels, remakes/reboots or superhero flicks. Another type of film that is becoming more and more popular, although much, much less financially successful, are remaking films but instead of male leads, the characters are switched out for females.

Well, it appears that Hollywood is giving the Brad Pitt and Edward Norton classic, “Fight Club,” a female remake. I wish I were kidding but this is actually happening.

Set to come out in 2020, the film will star Alec Baldwin, Bella Thorne and Malin Ackerman.

Given the financial disasters that were “What Men Want,” “The Hustle,” the latest “Charlie’s Angels,” and 2016’s “Ghostbusters,” “Chick Fight” probably won’t put up great numbers at the box office.

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