WOKE: Female version of ‘Fight Club’ in the works

Films coming out of Hollywood today are either sequels, remakes/reboots or superhero flicks. Another type of film that is becoming more and more popular, although much, much less financially successful, are remaking films but instead […]

CNN’s Dana Bash: Impeachment isn’t something Nancy Pelosi wanted to do

The Democrats in the House will impeach President Donald Trump Wednesday. Since Trump took office they have essentially been trying to remove Trump from office. The Democrats and the media were absolutely convinced that the […]

Michigan Dem says Trump can win reelection, depends who is Democrat nominee

The House of Representatives will impeach President Donald Trump Wednesday. It will then move to the Senate where it will die. This is entirely a political move with everyone focused on the 2020 presidential election. […]

Former Hillary Clinton adviser: No one should have a billion dollars

In America, you have the freedom to start a business and depending on how well that business is run, it’ll either fail or succeed. That business will either make money or loss money. That’s free […]