Far left Texas congressional candidate wishes cancer on Obama

People disagree on issues. It’s natural, it’s healthy and if done in the right way, can be beneficial and lead to productive outcomes. However, in today’s heated political climate, some people have taken things way too far.

Political violence – whether from the left or the right – isn’t good for society. People have to learn how to sit down and talk without resorting to violence. Nevertheless, with such hot-button issues that are constantly in the news and fresh in everyone’s mind, a peaceful resolution is unlikely anytime soon.

However, instead of violence, others will instead hide behind a keyboard and call other’s names and use insults and colorful names instead of bringing forward any real, constructive or positive ideas.

Well, one Texas congressional candidate took things way too far and actually wished former President Barack Obama would get cancer.

Disagree with Obama? Sure, but to wish something like this on anyone simply because of political differences is pretty despicable.

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