Elizabeth Warren blasts fellow Dems for adopting ‘Republican critiques’

To win the Democratic Party nomination for president, one will have to go far to the left. That’s what people like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Har…(Oh, I forgot) are betting on, that the more progressive, the more they voters the government will take care of, the more votes they’ll ultimately win.

But there is the thinking that some Democrats are employing, looking beyond the nomination, that you’ll need to moderate positions in order to win a general election. Elizabeth Warren doesn’t seem interested in this idea. For Massachusetts Liz, it’s full steam ahead toward progressivism. So what if she’s not sure how she’s going to pay for all of it. So what if she gets hit by her fellow Democrats for Medicare for All, which she still isn’t sure how to fund. So what! Those who question Liz are nothing but dirty, dirty Republicans!

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