CNN’s Don Lemon loses it over meme: ‘Are you insane? Are you insane?’

Apparently, up until Tuesday CNN’s Don Lemon was unfamiliar with the concept of social media. A fair amount of social media is filled with snarky tweets, memes and videos. Again, this idea must’ve been completely foreign to Lemon.

Lemon was absolutely flabbergasted about a meme which showed President Donald Trump wiping out a number of Democrats as they announced article of impeachment.

This was all too much for Mr. Lemon and he just couldn’t take it. He was upset and said several times if we’re in junior high or if we’ve collectively gone insane.

His reaction is not only over the top, it’s sad that Lemon is completely unable to take a joke but instead felt the need to report about a meme on CNN. The man actually used valuable airtime to showcase his outrage and stupidity.

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