Actress: Having abortion not a mistake, says she’s now a happy, multi-millionaire with plenty of sleep

I say this often but it’s becoming more and more true: Abortion is a holy sacrament to those on the left. Killing the unborn is something they thoroughly defend and delight in and do so with a Joke-sized smile on their faces.

Some of the left, disgustingly enough, have “shouted” their abortions on social media, telling others about the experience in the hopes of removing the stigma and frankly guilt of ending a child’s life. One of those people who has been the most vocal and radical on the abortion front has been actress Jameela Jamil.

Jamil recently took to Twitter after “receiving thousands of messages” saying that she made a mistake when she aborted her child seven years ago. Jamil made it abundantly clear that she doesn’t it that way. In fact, her abortion led her to a much fuller, richer, happier and well-rested life.

The child was not available for comment.

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