Cringe alert: Bernie supporters sing Christmas carols about socialism, Sanders

Bernie Sanders wants socialism and to his credit, he’s doesn’t try and hide that fact. He wants everything to be “free,” paid for by billionaires (no longer millionaires, you know, because Mr. Three Houses is a millionaire) and for everyone to live in the candy cane forest where all our cares and burdens are cast aside.

Ok, I may have made that last part up but Bernie is a die-hard socialist and so are his dyed-in-the wool, gimme, gimme supporters. How will you pay for all these entitlements? Well, if their dear leader, Comrade Sanders, will not answer that then they are certainly exempt from such nonsensical questions.

Those who follow the Vermont socialist with an impressive amount of blindness and zeal have much more important matters to attend to: turning Christmas carols into songs about socialism!

It’s sad, embarrassing, cringey and true.

A group of Sanders supporters in Ann Arbor, Michigan litterally sang the praises of socialism and their dear leader, Comrade Sanders.

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