Hillary Clinton, Howard Stern mock Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton still cannot accept the fact that she isn’t and will not ever be the President of the United States. In the years following her loss, Clinton has blamed anyone and everyone, except herself.

Every so often, the former secretary of state resurfaces and either takes a shot a President Trump, the current field of candidates running for the Democratic nomination for president or finds someone else to blame for her loss. Well, this time she was able to knock out two of the three in that list. Clinton appeared on Howard Stern this week and showed just how bitter and angry she still is about losing.

Stern and Clinton mocked Bernie Sanders for proposing free college for everyone. At one point during the exchange, Clinton likens it to giving “chocolate milk for everyone.” To be fair, Sanders is by far the most generous with other people’s money in the field and the media never, ever calls on Sanders to answer as to how he proposes to fund these pie-in-the-sky policies.

The video is proof that Hillary is still bitter, angry and that there’s no love loss between Clinton and Sanders, who I’m sure she also blames for her loss.

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