Biden calls man ‘damn liar’ and ‘fat’ during Q&A

Fat shaming is a terrible, terrible thing, at least that’s what liberals and the media constantly say. And as we’ve seen, the price for violating this sacred rule is very steep.

Retribution for committing such a sin first requires woke Twitter to heap tons of scorn on you. The one must issue a personal and groveling apology to the powers that be and anyone who might have been offended. They must also say how wrong they were to even have a that thought enter their mind and how being, fat and unhealthy is actually a healthy and alternative lifestyle choice. Finally, after completing all of these steps, that person is ostracized, cast out from civil society, never to be heard of again.

If that’s truly how things work, then former Vice President Joe Biden has a ton of trouble from woke, obnoxious people on social media and in the media coming his way. However, I’m not so sure that’s going to happen.

During the question and answer portion of a Biden campaign stop, the former VP was asked about his son’s position with a Ukraine gas company. Biden did’t really appreciate the question and called the man who asked the question a “damn liar” and then commented on the guy’s weight by calling him “fat.”

Joe “fat shaming” Biden!

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