Really? Obama speechwriter equates treatment of Barron Trump to Greta Thurnberg

Juvenile children of politicians should be off limits, right? I think that’s something most decent people can agree upon, no matter the party of their parents. They didn’t seek out life in the spotlight. Children should have the opportunity to be children.

To bring up or even use the name of a politician’s child for really any reason is beyond the pale. For what reason could someone have for doing so? The answer is none.

However, if the child is putting themselves out in the public eye by either family, political party or any other entity and advocates for a position, well then things have changed. That child’s argument should challenged just like anyone else, especially if it’s being given the weight, support and validity that Greta Thurnberg was by the media.

See the difference there? Well, you’re then you’re able to comprehend more than a speechwriter for former President Barack Obama.

Others tried to help him out by showing him the terrible logic in his flawed comparison.

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