Kamala Harris drops out of presidential race

California Sen. Kamala Harris is no longer running for president.

On Tuesday afternoon, Harris announced that she was suspending her campaign, putting an end to her presidential aspirations.

In her announcement, Harris posted an article on Medium in which she thanks everyone she’s supposed to: her staff, supporters and family. She also talks about the progress and difference her campaign has made and how she’ll continue that fight.

While her dropping out of the race isn’t surprising, how far she fell and how fast is. Soon after getting into the race, Harris shot to the top of the polls and stayed their for some time, she was being hailed by the media as the best thing ever. But that didn’t last long.

Things seemed to turn for the worse during a debate in which Tulsi Gabbard came out of nowhere and attacked Harris’ record as attorney general of California. Harris was definitely caught off guard and her and her campaign never campaign never, ever recovered.

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