MSNBC’s Joy Reid on Trump supporters: ‘Racial and religious cult of personality’

For a number of people on MSNBC, President Donald Trump can do nothing right. On the other hand, Fox News has a number of commentators who will defend the president till the death, regardless of what he says or does.

One of those people on MSNBC, who does not particularly care for Trump is Joy Reid. On a recent episode of her program, Reid brought up a poll of Republican voters that showed a majority actually thought President Lincoln, the man who brought our nation through a civil war, wasn’t as good a president as Trump. I sincerely hope this is not what the majority of Republicans are thinking.

Regardless, Reid and her guest brought up the idea of a cult of personality concerning Trump supporters. And there is most certainly a cult of personality surrounding Trump. The MAGA crowd will absolutely defend anything and everything Trump says and or does. When Trump said that he could go out and shoot someone on 5th Avenue and still not lose any support, that’s entirely true. Don’t believe me, turn on Sean Hannity. Trump can do no wrong in that man’s eyes.

However, like everything on MSNBC, they have to make things about race. Reid and her guest go on to generalize Trump’s entire base to a cult of personality among white and Evangelical supporters. Instead of a way of thinking, for MSNBC, it all boils down to skin color…again.

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