Gabbard campaign, Tulsi’s sister calls Kamala Harris out for Fox News hypocrisy

Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign is on life support. After laying off staff and closing offices in a number of early primary states several weeks ago, it appears that it’s Iowa or bust for the Harris campaign.

Nevertheless, it Harris is still fighting and clawing, trying to keep her presidential aspirations alive. If Harris is going to have any chance to rebound and salvage her campaign, more than likely it’s going to come during a debate. That doesn’t even seem to have happened though, even with the once-a-month debate schedule for the Democratic candidates.

During the most recent debate in Atlanta in November, Harris called out Gabbard for speaking to others who may not agree with her on every single issue.

That’s a novel concept for politicians and for those on both the right and left, huh?

Anyway, Harris called out Tulsi Gabbard for appearing on Fox News during their most recent debate.

Gabbard’s campaign and Tulsi Gabbard’s sister called out Harris for her hypocrisy about appearing on Fox News.

Tulsi herself also responded to the idea that, if running for office, you can’t always speak to those who already support you.

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