Nanny-state Mike: Tax the poor to protect them from themselves

The government knows best. Left to their own devices, individuals would cease to exist and ultimately ruin their lives. The state must be the protector and decider in the lives of its citizens.

That’s a truly scary idea but it seems to be one that former New York City Mayor and Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg supports.

During a speaking engagement in Washington D.C. of last year, Bloomberg made the case that taxes, while regressive in nature, can be used to protect the poor from themselves. He actually says that if you tax things high enough, the poor won’t be able to afford things that are killing them.

In a truly stunning answer, Bloomberg, while discussing New York City’s tax on sugary drinks, said it was OK because it was used to keep the poor and uneducated from essentially killing themselves.

Not only is this a stunning answer, it’s incredibly condescending.

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