LOL! PETA says ‘animals are not mascots,’ demands University of Georgia change its mascot

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is a group devoted to protecting the rights of animals. However, mainly they are known for their outrageous and attention-seeking stunts, whether it be throwing buckets of fake blood on people, walking around in nothing but fig leafs or trying to traumatize young children into becoming vegans.

Now this time, the crazy animal rights group is going after another target: the University of Georgia.

So what did the southern school do to bring about the wrath of the attention-seeking organization? They brought their mascot to one of their football games.

Apparently, having never ever seen a bulldog before, PETA sent out a tweet saying that the animal “looks miserable.”

I’m not sure about you but that dog looks pretty content to me. It’s laying down, out of the rain and appears to be very well fed.

If only we all that miserable!

I’m sure the University of Georgia will immediately adhere to the demand of a fascist group like PETA.

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