New York Knicks can’t let slight go, get mocked for response

There New York Knicks are one of those teams that, at least for the last decade, have been a perennial laughingstock.

Despite being located in the No. 1 media market in the country and spending millions on free agents annually, the Knicks have been nothing but a trainwreck.

Well, they have proved once again why they are mocked endlessly.

During a recent broadcast, former NBA player Richard Jefferson made the comment that he knew it was time to retire when the only team offering him a job was the New York Knicks.

Jefferson said he absolutely refused to play for the organization so instead he called it a career.

So, instead of just letting Jefferson’s comment go, the New York Knicks decided to respond and make it much, much worse for themselves.

Well social media responded with just as much mockery and ridicule as you’d expect.

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