Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn denigrates Jeff Bezos for $100 million charitable gift

Liberals say they absolutely love helping the poor, the hungry and the less fortunate. Conservatives do as well but you’re not likely to ever hear that in the media.

It’s the liberals who are always portrayed as compassionate and caring. Republicans and conservatives are made out to be cruel and callous.

Liberals love forced and coerced “charitable giving” through the use of higher taxes. Of course when you use someone else’s money to give to the less fortunate that’s not charity at all.

Well, British Labour party Leader Jeremy Corbyn perfectly illustrated how liberals feel on taxes and charity.

Forbes wrote an article about the richest man in the world, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, giving nearly $100 million of his own money to benefit the homeless.

How did Corbyn react? Just as you’d expect.

Instead of recognizing this actual act of charity, he instead, demanded more now.

The greed of these people is absolutely insane and astounding.

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