Elizabeth Warren on camera lies about sending her children to private school

Good enough for you and I just not good enough for them.

Elizabeth Warren loves to portray herself as the outsider fighting against the corrupt establishment in Washington and on Wall Street. She’s just a regular person trying to get by in life, as her and her campaign would like you to believe.

Throughout her campaign, one of issues Warren has been most vocal about has been the need to support public schools and public education. Whenever this comes up, Warren harkens back to her days a school teacher in Oklahoma. But somehow she always seems to leave out the fact that she taught at Harvard University and was paid hundreds of thousands dollars for it, too.

But Warren teaching at Harvard and being paid well for isn’t the issue. The problem is the complete and utter hypocrisy on the subject of education coming from Warren and her campaign.

While speaking to an advocate for school choice, Warren was caught on camera openly lying about not sending her child to private school.

But Warren did in fact send her child to private school in Austin, Texas. The tuition at the school is currently almost $18,000 a year.

Again, the problem isn’t that she did send her child to private school, everyone wants the absolute best for their child. It’s from the fact that Warren, the Clintons, the Obamas and the rest of the Democrats who constantly preach and preach about the importance of public education but yet send their children to elite private schools while denying the means for others to use private schools.

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