Actor George Takei perfectly illustrates the hypocrisy of Dems in Hollywood

George Takei is a guy known for playing Zulu on Star Trek back in the 60s and not really much else.

After his time on the popular television series 50 years ago, he hasn’t really done anything noteworthy. Instead, since the invention of Twitter, Takei has fallen into newfound fame as he spouts his liberal views to the younger generation.

One of the things Democrats, specifically those in Hollywood are know for is their insistence that they are a loving, tolerant and accepting group of people…..except for when you challenge anyone of their points of view. When that happens, then it’s OK to lash out wildly and with horrible, often unrepeatable names.

Following this week’s Democrat debate, where Tulsi Gabbard called out her fellow Democrats and the Democratic Party in general, Takei showed just how phony all that acceptance and tolerance talk truly is.

From up on high, Takei deems it OK to hate on Gabbard simply because she challenges his accepted views.

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