Biden peeved about question on son’s love child: ‘You’re a good man….classy’

When running for president, you basically give up your right to privacy. Everything you say and do is under scrutiny, any skeletons in your closet will come out, eventually.

That lack of privacy also extends to members of your family. Their lives get turned upside down and anything they say and/or do will be looked at with a microscope.

This week, it was revealed that former vice president and current presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, fathered a son with a woman in Arkansas.

Apparently, when at the time the baby was conceived, Hunter was in a relationship with his late brother’s wife. Now, it looks like this entire thing is going to turn into play out in the court as the mother of Hunter Biden’s baby is seeking thousands of dollars in repayment for the paternity test.

On Thursday, Joe Biden was asked about the report and understandably, he didn’t much appreciate the question.

Was it the most important and pressing question to ask? No, not at all. But it certainly wasn’t out of bounds, either.

A reporter wouldn’t be doing their job if they didn’t at least approach the subject. The man is running to be president of the United States and anything he or members of his family says and or does is going to be news.

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