Woman on ‘Good Morning Britain’: Soliciting prostitution from minors is not pedophilia

There are a lot of terrible things and a lot of terrible people in the world and on this I believe there is a lot of agreement.

For example, most people are likely to say murders are the lowest of the low. That’s something that would probably get near universal agreement.

Also, another kind of individual people aren’t real high on are pedophiles. Regardless of your political, religious or anything else that may divide people, most will say that yes, pedophiles are scum of the earth.

Now, ever since this Jeffrey Epstein story broke wide open and since his death, the topic of sex trafficking, prostitution and pedophilia have been in the news.

One names that has come up several times, connected to Epstein and his trafficking of underage girls has been Prince Andrew, the son of Queen Elizabeth II.

Andrew has been accused of sleeping with underage girls and this weekend defended himself in an on camera interview and it apparently didn’t go real well.

On Good Morning Britain, a woman tries to make the argument that Epstein wasn’t accused of pedophilia, it was soliciting sex from minors. Which sounds like the same thing and I’m not sure why you want to die on this hill.

Either way to hear this woman try and make this point is pretty shocking. I guess, in her mind, if you pay a 14-year-old, it’s not pedophilia?

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