What? Anti-gun liberals pick up trash outside NRA HQ to…protest guns?

The National Rifle Association lives rent free in the minds of most liberals.

Whenever something, anything involving a gun happens, liberals blame the NRA. It’s almost reflex at this point. It’s become predictable. I mean change it up.

So to show everyone how much they detest guns, a group of liberals got together and picked up trash outside the NRA.

How does this demonstrate their hate of guns? I’m not sure either, but in the video posted by Giffords Courage, a group led by former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, they say they’re cleaning up after the NRA.

This possibly the dumbest, most misguided political demonstration ever. It just goes to show that groupthink with liberals is alive and well.

Seriously, did none of them question how this translates?

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