Elizabeth Warren wants to ‘end traffic violence,’ gets roasted on Twitter

Sunday was “World Traffic Violence Remembrance Day.” Apparently, it’s a day to remember those who were killed by “traffic violence.”

The thought behind the day is a good idea. Every year, thousands of people are killed in car crashes, families are destroyed and lives are ruined.

But I’m sure like me, you’ve never heard of the term “traffic violence.” Like most of the population, you probably simply call them traffic accidents or a car crash.

However, Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is more than familiar with “traffic violence” and wants to put an end to it.

How she plans to do such a thing, I’m not quite sure. Unless you confiscate cars, bikes, buses and everything else that has a motor vehicle, this seems like a fools’ errand.

Many social media also felt Warren’s outrage and proclamation to end traffic violence was misplaced, to say the least.

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