Woman on ‘Good Morning Britain’: Soliciting prostitution from minors is not pedophilia

There are a lot of terrible things and a lot of terrible people in the world and on this I believe there is a lot of agreement. For example, most people are likely to say […]

What? Anti-gun liberals pick up trash outside NRA HQ to…protest guns?

The National Rifle Association lives rent free in the minds of most liberals. Whenever something, anything involving a gun happens, liberals blame the NRA. It’s almost reflex at this point. It’s become predictable. I mean […]

New ‘Charlie’s Angels’ film flops at the box office, Elizabeth Banks says men are to blame

Hollywood is all about reboots and sequels. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. That’s the nature of filmmaking and the free market, in general. One of those films that really didn’t work hit theaters […]