Really? ABC: Sexism, racism possible reasons for Kamala Harris’ low poll numbers

The media loves to cause trouble. They interject race and sexism into nearly every issue. Then they’ll back away and watch people bicker back and forth until some idiot somewhere actually says or does something racist or sexist. Then the media, being the instigators they are, will come back and report on the “blatant” and “rampant” racism and sexism present in America.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: 24 hour news is a problem. News outlets don’t have enough actual news to fill their time so they must invent things to report.

On Saturday morning, ABC News posted an article on Twitter looking at the reasons for Kamala Harris’ terrible poll numbers and precipitous fall from front runner. While the article itself looks at some of the obvious points and reasons as to why her campaign is now floundering, the Twitter caption and the title of the article shows the media just enjoys creating chaos.

To even begin with such a premise is idiotic. I wonder if the writer of the article understands that Democrats generally vote for the Democratic nominee for president and therefore is calling Democrats (generally ABC’s audience) sexist and racist?

Oh, and her low poll numbers are due to the fact that she’s a terrible candidate, with awful ideas and proposals. The woman isn’t even winning in the polls in her home state of California.

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