After Browns-Steelers brawl, ESPN reporter accuses QB struck with helmet of saying something ‘egregious’

ESPN, when they made the decision to interject politics into their coverage, lost a ton of viewers.

Well, after seeing their nosedive in viewership, the network changed direction, saying there were no longer going to implement politics, race and other such culturally divisive issuses.

It really shouldn’t be that difficult, right? Call balls and strikes, touchdowns and slam dunks.

Well, it looks as if, at least one ESPN personality decided to wade back into politics.

During the Thursday Night Football game between the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers a brawl broke out with seconds left in the game.

At one point during the skirmish, Cleveland’s Defensive End Myles Garrett ripped the helmet off quarterback Steelers’ QB Mason Rudolph and actually slammed him in the head with it.

It was pretty awful and should end with Garrett being suspended the rest of the season and maybe even in criminal charges.

But never fail, Josina Anderson, an ESPN reporter, thought it was a good idea to interject race into the situation and actually blamed Rudolph for Garrett’s actions.

Of course, she deleted her moronic status but accusing someone of saying something “egregious” without knowing anything besides what we can see if wholly irresponsible.

Blame the victim, isn’t that what they say?

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