‘South Park’ hilariously mocks, illustrates absurdity of trans athletes

Unbelievably “South Park” is in its 23rd season and it’s still as culturally relevant as ever. The show has become iconic for ridiculing anyone and everything, especially subjects that others refuse to touch.

This season, the show has hit the Chinese government, President Donald Trump, people who are overly into meatless burgers and other relevant topics. But the show’s latest episode is easily the best of the season so far.

The episode titled “Board Girls” begins with Strong Woman, who is overly PC, training for the Strong Woman competition. She’s certain she’s got the title locked up, it’s hers. However, things go don’t go according to plan.

A muscle-bound man with a beard, who has recently transitioned and now goes by the Heather, enters the games and wins the title easily, leaving the other competitors black and blued in the process. But what’s absurd about the whole thing: no one questions the fact that he’s obviously a man for fear of being called a transphobe.

And that’s exactly what Heather does to anyone who dares to even hint at him being a man, they are instantly labeled a transphobe.

Meanwhile, Cartman, Stan and Butters start a board game club and help to illustrate that men and women are different, not only in their physical makeup, but also in the way they think and act.

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