KY Gov. Matt Bevin has conceded

It’s been a little over a week since Kentucky went to the polls to elect a new governor and while the race was close, current Republican Governor Matt Bevin has decided to concede the race.

According to USA Today, Bevin gave a press conference at the Kentucky statehouse today to announce his decision. “I’m not gonna contest these numbers that have come in,” Bevin said. “It isn’t fair to throw that on our legislature to try to find something that there just isn’t. We know of some things but just not enough to cause us to think there’s gonna be meaningful change.”

Governor-elect Andy Beshears won by 5,136 votes.

“I truly wish the attorney general well as the next governor of this state as he assumes these responsibilities,” Bevin concluded. “I truly do. I love this state, I love this country. I love the fact that we’re blessed to live in a nation where things do transition in ways that much of the world wishes they had. ”


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