Buttigieg admits ‘we don’t yet have all the details’ on California shooting, still manages to blame NRA, guns

On Thursday, there was another school shooting. This one occurred at high school in Santa Clarita, California.

In the hours since the shooting, we’ve learned that two students were killed and that the suspect was a 15 or 16-year-old student. Of course, like all the other shootings, more and more details will come out in the days and hours that follow.

However, even before the students, families and the community of Santa Clarita have had the opportunity to realize what’s just taken place, South Bend Mayor and Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg fired off a political opportunistic tweet about the situation.

The man openly admits that we don’t have all of the details but yet apparently has enough to place the blame for the tragedy solely on the NRA.

Buttigieg’s message is pretty disgusting and frankly, lazy. He’s using tragedy to score political points by hitting one of the Democrats’ biggest boogeyman: The NRA.

Let’s remember where this shooting took place: California. California is one of, if not the most, restrictive when it comes to gun rights.

There’s a lot we don’t know about this tragedy and it is a tragedy whenever innocent life is taken but Buttigieg blaming the NRA when he doesn’t know “any of the details” is nothing but using dead children to help himself politically.

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