AOC and Dave Rubin hilariously trade punches on Twitter

Dave Rubin, a conservative author, writer and host of The Rubin Report on YouTube tweeted he’d like to be taken off AOC’s e-mail list and got a snarky response from the congresswoman in return.

“Hi @AOC, not sure who you bought my email from, but I assure you I didn’t sign up for your mailing list. Also, you offer no way to unsubscribe. Please release me!,” he tweeted, including a screenshot of an e-mail he’d gotten from her press account.

“This is the official Congressional press list, not a supporter mailing list. Our apologies, as someone must have mistaken you for a journalist. That’ll be fixed right away,” she replied, thinking she’d burned him pretty good.

Rubin seemed to think the response was funny, replying back to her.

“It’s true I’m not a journalist nor have ever pretended to be. But truly that was the most clever thing you’ve ever said,” he said, then rounded out the tweet with three clapping hand emojis.



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